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Business Owner Services

How We Help Our Clients

As a Business Owner- you have many things on your mind.  Employees, sales, expenses, etc.  Our goal at Connect Financial Group,  when working with a Business Owner, is to help maximize where the dollars go from your business.  We seek solutions to your situation applying concepts and products to meet your vision.  We aren't looking to make the owner spend more money.  We are looking to help you reallocate your resources to cover any gaps so you maximize the coverage of your dollars.  If you are looking to maximize what you take out of the business, then we help you do it.  

How Much Is Your Business Worth?

If you are looking at your business as your retirement plan, looking to sell before retirement or wondering how much your business is worth today to get it to the next level, we have a tool to help you.  

We have aligned with BIZ EQUITY, a firm that conducts free business valuations for businesses.  The report generated looks at the  different ways of valuing your business, looks at the amount of liability coverage you have and need, and offers suggestions on how to increase the value of your business.  

Business Valuation

R & D Tax Credits

We have teamed with Source Advisors to help our clients maximize Research and Development Tax Credits on their income taxes.  Most CPA's are not familiar with these tax credits and that is all Intrepid does.  In our quest to help you 'find the money", Intrepid offers an extremely valuable service.

What does Source Advisors do?

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Maximizing Retirement Plans

If you are a business owner( or a non-profit) and want to put money into retirement savings,  There are many options, some you have heard of and some you have not.  We help our clients put together Direct Benefit Plans  better known as Pensions.  Also, we help put together 403(b) plans, 457 plans, Profit Sharing Plans, 401(K) plans, Micro 401(K) plans, Dash 401(K) plans and more.  

Let us know what you are looking to accomplish and we can show you the different concepts that might help you achieve your goal.

Do You Need Help with Lending?

We have known Melissa Bierowka for over 15  years and her understanding of business lending and business client needs is very impressive.  Please feel free to reach out to her for your lending needs.  


Peace of Mind

Do you have a key employee that you need to keep?  There are different options for you to choose from: deferred compensation plans, key person insurance and group benefits are areas we can educate you and design a plan that can work for the you, the business and the employees. 

Take Steps Today to Manage Your Estate Tomorrow

In this ebook, you'll learn the critical elements of an estate strategy. Considering these crucial details may help an executor uphold your values, goals, and desires for your estate.

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