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Henry Mondschein has been approved by Nationwide Insurance to work with farmers in their Land As Your Legacy Program. He conducts presentations for the State Farm Bureaus in Vermont, New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania on Land As Your Legacy as well as various financial topics like Social Security, Medical Expenses in Retirement and Long Term Care options.  Henry works with farm owners on their transition planning,  estate planning and retirement.  

 Land As Your Legacy

Whether your farm or ranch has been around for several generations or you’re a first-generation farmer, Nationwide can help you plan what happens to your operation after you’re gone. Contact Henry Mondschein at (860)965-4621 to learn more.

Also, here are links to Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania and Vermont Farm Bureaus.

Here is a useful link to Nationwide’s program, Land As Your Legacy.  The second button is a story from the CT Farm Bureau Newsletter about how we helped a farmer in Connecticut.

Additionally, here is another video about the program

Here is a Link to the Peterson Farm Brothers Musical Parodies

Peterson Farm Brothers Musical Parody

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