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Disability Insurance

What and Why Disability Income Insurance?

No one plans to become disabled.  If the unforeseeable happens and you become too sick or hurt to work, individual disability income insurance can help protect a portion of your earned income for the things that matter to you.  Odds of Becoming Disabled

Understanding how a Disability Policy Works

A disability insurance policy covers a certain amount of your income.  That income could  include monthly wages, bonueses and dividends.  

One of the most important items of a disability policy is the Definition of Disability.  The stronger the definition, the more likely the outcome will be a payout.  Additionally, the policies we offer are underwritten at your current health, so if something changes, it is easier for the carrier to determine the cause of disability.

Policies have different Elimination Periods- the time you have to be sick or disabled before your policy will pay you.  Additionally, the Benefit Period can be chosen (if approved by the carrier) 2, 5 or 10 years or to ages 65, 67 or 70.

Finally, underwriting looks at some of the following areas:  Your age, occupation and your health.  How a DI Policy Works

Disability Insurance Carriers

As an independent firm, we utilize different carriers for Disability Insurance.  Depending on what your occupation is, we will recommend a carrier and contract language that is most suitable to you.  Some of the carriers we utilize are:  Berkshire/Guardian, Mass Mutual and Prudential.  

Additionally, we utilize a quick issue carrier as well.  Breeze DI is part of Assurian and is appropriate in certain cases.  For more information on Disability Insurance, please contact Henry Mondschein at 860-965-4621.